Aruba is a tiny 20-mile long island of the lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea. It’s natural beauty attracts over a million visitors a year. Beautiful white powdered sand beaches, fabulous trade winds and year round temperatures in the high 80’s is what makes this destination a fabulous pick. Together with Bonaire and Curacao it forms a group referred to as the ABC islands of the Leeward Antilles, commonly referred to as the Netherland Antilles or the Dutch Antilles.

Aruba’s capital city, Oranjestad, is one of absolute delight with colorful architecture including pastel homes.

Aruba is one of the four constituent countries that form the kingdom of the Netherlands, along with the Netherlands, Curacao and Sint. Maarten/Sint Martin. The citizens of these countries all share a single nationality: Dutch. Aruba has no administrative subdivisions, but for census purposes, is divided into eight regions.

The resorts in Aruba are easy to choose from and are located on Palm Beach, Eagle Beach and In Town. Lots of relaxing fun, activity, and action. From dining to casinos to luxurious hotels not to mention an array of different water sports (diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, windsurfing and lots more!).

Aruba’s language is notably Papiamento (consisting of 5 languages). Can you guess what they are?

Ans: Spanish, English, Dutch, French and Portuguese.

With the Aruban cuisine, you will have the opportunity to experience the dutch influence. (Raves are the dutch chocolate and coffee).

Druif Beach

Druif Beach in Aruba, a long, narrow oval-shaped stretch of ivory sand, is home to the casual low-rise resorts in the Eagle Beach Aruba area

Palm Beach

Palm Beach in Aruba is a tourist division about 6 kilometers north of Oranjestad. A shopping district adjacent to the hotels was finished in 2009.